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The Register

by our former Chairman, Richard L. Knudson

You know, the Register is like a three-legged stool. One leg is tradition: Frank Churchill and I take great pride in the establishment of many Register traditions that have marked our growth while being copied by many other car groups.

OldRockSchool TC

The second leg is representative of the M.G.s we all love. The Register has made and will continue to be known for inspiring the best in M.G. restoration and presentation. The third leg, of course, is the people. The sincere friendships that have developed over the years reach to the four corners of the world.

Yes, that three-legged stool of tradition, M.G.s, and friends has given so many of us true joy for the last fifty years and will continue into the future. The key is keeping all three legs strong and in place.


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Are you a Visitor? You are our welcome guest. Please enjoy the articles and images on the site. You may be inspired to join!  And you can check out our Marketplace section for Register related items to purchase. We offer both Books/CDs and Regalia.

Our website has two sections. The Public section contains information about the Register: our magazine The Sacred Octagon, links about our Chapters, an Events section and calendar listing our upcoming activities, a section describing our biannual Gathering of the Faithful where members get together to celebrate all things M.G., our photo gallery and more. We invite you to surf the site and enjoy the things you can find there.

The Members Only section is designed for Register members to communicate with other Register members in a private area. In this section the user will find a dashboard that will allow a user to access our Research Library, listings of members and access to posting in our forum. We add new things to this area based on input from our members.
If you are a current (your dues are paid) member of The Register, click here to read how to sign up for a web user account.

As we celebrate fifty years of The Register, please take some time to visit the pages that show how The Register has grown over the past fifty years. It’s been an amazing ride . . .and we look forward to what the next fifty will bring.


The New England MG “T” Register has been without a Vice Chairman since we lost our Co-founder and Vice Chairman in August of 1999. David Sander, the current chairman has been discussing the need for a Vice Chairman with the board of BlairWdirectors for several years. Both David and the board of directors felt the need to choose a Vice Chairman to assist the Chairman with the day to day operations of The Register. David asked the board of directors to consider someone who has a proven record of promoting The Register, someone who works well with people, someone who is organized, and someone who is capable of providing creative “outside the box” solutions to unique problems.

At the 2018 ABM the board suggested one person, and unanimously agreed to offer the position to Blair Weiss. The position was offered to Blair, who gladly accepted the position.

Blair is a second-generation member and has been an active member of the register for the last 15 years. Blair’s Register involvement goes back about 45 years, as he attended Register functions with his parents. His love of MGs started early as he watched his father commute to New York City in an MGA then an MGB and an MGBGT through the 70s. His first car was a 1970 MGBGT that he bought for $150 at the age of 15. Blair restored this car with the help of “Uncle” Dave Raymond before ever driving it.

Some years later after putting floors in a friend’s TR3 and then going for a test ride, within a mile Blair thought “We should go get the TD from my mom.” A couple of years later he restored the car just prior to GOF 73 in Nova Scotia where is won 1st place for the TD group.

Second to his love of the T series MG, is Blair’s love for the people who own the cars. He looks forward to GOFs to rekindle the friendships as well as making new ones and of course looking forward to seeing the cars. Anyone who has attended a GOF with Blair has experienced his kindness, generosity and friendship. Blair is quick to make people feel welcome, and lend a hand with a problem.

Blair lives with his wife Leslie in Peterborough New Hampshire with their dog Bree and their cats Smokey and Lucy.

Blair holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology and is currently employed as a Product Design Engineer at OSRAM Sylvania in Hillsboro NH. He currently holds four patents in automotive lighting.

When Blair is not designing light bulbs he can be found checking off items on the honey dew list, riding in MGs or motorcycles with Leslie or dirt biking with his step son Michael.