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The Register

by our former Chairman, Richard L. Knudson

You know, the Register is like a three-legged stool. One leg is tradition: Frank Churchill and I take great pride in the establishment of many Register traditions that have marked our growth while being copied by many other car groups.

OldRockSchool TC

The second leg is representative of the M.G.s we all love. The Register has made and will continue to be known for inspiring the best in M.G. restoration and presentation. The third leg, of course, is the people. The sincere friendships that have developed over the years reach to the four corners of the world.

Yes, that three-legged stool of tradition, M.G.s, and friends has given so many of us true joy for the last fifty years and will continue into the future. The key is keeping all three legs strong and in place.


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The new Register book, "Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the New England MG 'T' Register", is now shipping. Click to read about it.

Before You Begin . . .
The Register is pleased to place paid commercial advertisements as a service to our members.  The ads will appear in the number of editions of The Sacred Octagon (TSO) selected in the form.

Need assistance finding your Register number? While your Register number is not required, it makes processing the ad data go more smoothly. If you don't know your number you can find it in the "Find Your Register Number" menu item in the Member Support section. Or click on the link and follow the instructions on that page. If you don't find your name, or are a new member please enter 000000 as the number and submit the form. We'll get back to you with your Register number.

Payment Options: The NEMGT Register uses PayPal for online payment processing. You may pay using your PayPal account or by credit card. Need more info? Check out the Payment Processing FAQ page.

If you wish to pay by some other method (check, money order, etc.) you can snail mail the payment to our Advertising Director at the address below.  The ad will be placed once payment is received.

35 mm print processing: We will accept a 35mm photo.  If you wish to include a photo with your ad, please check the Photo box for payment in the form below and send the print to:
Mike Ellis, Advertising Director
14830 Sapling Way
Glenelg, MD 21737

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