MGVR’s “Focus Event” At New Jersey Motorsports Park

From 09/16/17 until 09/17/17
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MGVR’s “Focus Event” At New Jersey Motorsports Park
Every year the “MG Vintage Racers” select one vintage racing event as their designated “Focus Event” where they work with the race event sanctioning body to include some “All MG” races - In addition to the regular vintage races.  Then MGVR adds their own MG awards and MG socials to the event, and encourages all MG racers to attend. 

In 2004 a couple of vintage racers got together and said, “What if we started our own club?” They started calling around to other racing friends and asking the same question along with, “and if you did start up in a new club what would you want from it?” Well, it seems that it boiled down to three things, Safety, Safety, & Safety. It seemed that everyone felt that if you got that part right, car safety, driver safety and a safe attitude, everything else would just follow. And it appears that they were correct. Coming out of the gate in 2004 with one event in hand, the New Hampshire Vintage Festival, they quickly added the PVGP BeaveRun Historics and kept right on from there. Now recognized as a premier vintage racing group they have a schedule that spans a nice locale!


Event information coming soon.