GOF Mk 101 Additional Payment

 GOF Mk 101  June 27 - July 2, 2017


GOF Mk 101 is over and a good time was had by all. For those of you who added meals or other events and need to pay please fill in the form below. Once you press Submit, you'll be taken to PayPal and you can then use your account OR credit card to pay the amount owed.

The information that you entered into the PayPal page  MUST MATCH the data on the credit card you are using. This means if you go by “Bubba” but your credit card says “Milford” you must enter “Milford”. This applies to name, address, city, state, zip etc. and of course the number and CCV of the card.  PayPal, at this point, is a credit card processing system just like any other. If the card can’t be verified, the transaction won’t go through. 

Fill in the information requested on the form.  In the Amount Box enter the amount owed. Use only numbers (example 70  for $70) in the text box for the amount.

Submit a Single Payment Amount
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Enter the amount of payment below. This amount was indicated in the email you received from the Membership Registrar or GOF committee.
Amount of Payment: (For example: 40) Numbers only(*)
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Total Payment: 0.00 USD
Please verify that there is a dollar amount in the Total section prior to pressing the Submit to Payment Processing button