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EPA* Mandates Clean Air For TC Owners

*EPA = Every Particle's Abrasive.
Let's clear the air. At cruising speed in your TC you are taking in more than forty-five hundred cubic feet of air per hour. Under average conditions, that much air would contain billions and billions of dirt particles (how's that, Carl Sagan?). What about dusty conditions? Wire mesh oiled can keep out the gravel, but the paper cartridge will go a long way to preventing intake of fine particles.

An air filter paper cartridge can be fitted into the standard TC air cleaner canister. Fram Filter number CA70PC fits as does NAPA 2370. Also one for a certain model Plymouth Horizon will fit but I don't know the number. I cut a disk of 1/4" thick foam rubber to seal the top and a "doughnut" to seal the bottom so that air is forced through the filter, not around the ends. This modification replaces the original oiled mesh with was practically useless. Your engine will thank you!
by R.C. Woodman



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