MG 2021 International - Atlantic City & GOF Mk 106

From 06/14/21 12:00 pm until 06/17/21 12:00 pm
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Dear MG Enthusiast,

First, we want to thank you all for taking the time to open, read, and in many cases respond to the email survey that we recently sent out to all Register membersr egarding factors that may affect your decision to attend MG International – Atlantic City 2021. We had a better-than-expected response rate and appreciated the input that you provided!

Today,we send this note to all members of the North American MMM Register, the New England MG T Register, the North American MGA Register, and the North American MGB Register to update you with correspondence that we received this week from both Meet AC (the Convention and Visitors’ Bureau for Atlantic City) and from Harrah’s (our host hotel for the event).

Richard Liddick(B Register), Tony Burgess, and I have visited Atlantic City twice since this pandemic took griphere in North America; once in April 2020 and once in October 2020. We have always been impressed with the way folks in Atlantic City have handled the pandemic and never felt “at risk” with ou rinteractions with either workers or other guests of the hotels, restaurants, or venues that we visited.

The three of us will be making a final site visit (along with fellow Council members Tom Metcalf of the MMM Register,Blair Weiss of the T Register, and Tom Medeen ofthe A Register) to the city in late April to naildown any loose ends that may have presented themselves in preparation for “The Big Event” in June.

When both Harrah’s and Meet AC were contacted for their input on Covid-19 concerns, it took less than 48 hours for us to receive their responses. It is obvious that they want our business and have worked diligently tomake Atlantic City as safe as possible for us by following all guidelines and policies mandated by Local and State authorities. Please read their comments below.

Please help us plan for this event by registering for MG International – Atlantic City 2021 at sooner rather than later since we must release commitments we have on certain events by April 15 and may not be able to add more tickets after this time. Please remember that your Registration can be canceled by you before May 14 for a refund (see website for complete terms).

Remember, too, that you can order AC2021 swag through our online store (inpartnership with Wagner Signs & Apparel) at . (We have swag available at online registration as well, but there are additional items (such as face masks) to be found at the online store.)

If you would like to reachout to us with any questions, please send ane-mail to MG2021INFO [AT] gmail [DOT] com and we will get back to you as soon as possible(usually within a few hours).

We hope to see you for “MGs by the Sea” during MG International – Atlantic City2021!

Thank you from the North American Council of M.G.Registers!
Rick Ingram, Executive Director
Tony Burgess, Operations and Finance
Tom Metcalf, North American MMM Register
Blair Weiss, New England MG T Register
Tom Medeen, North American MGA Register
Richard Liddick, North American MGB Register

Harrah's Resort
Atlantic City, New Jersey

Dear MG International Atlantic City2021 guest,

We are excited and honored to welcome all fans, enthusiasts, friends and exhibitors of MG International — Atlantic City2021, the North American Council of MG Registers' joint convention, to Harrah's Resort Atlantic City this June.

Our team is in full preparation for your arrival to create a memorable and safestay. Since our re-opening, post quarantine, inJuly of 2020, we have implemented over 200 newsafety and sanitation protocols in our fightagainst Covid transmission.

To name a few:
•All guests and team members receive temperature checks upon entering the resort. We also verify Covid related symptoms and compliance with the protocol.
•We have installed Plexiglass partitions at the front desk, casino table games, and at all points of sale or service. Ten self-check-in kiosks are available and cleaned frequently by our Lobby Ambassadors. Our Clean-Team frequently disinfects all high-touch items, such as door handles and elevator touch buttons and our guestrooms receive a door-seal after a thorough deep clean after each guest stay. We have socially distanced all areas of our operations both front of house and back of the house with reminders to guests and team members. Hand sanitizers are available throughout our resort.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has been very pleased with our commitment and dedication to implement these new procedures and recently eased capacity restrictions for our casino, dining, meeting, and entertainment operations.

We are in close contact with the New Jersey Department of Health as well as the local regulatory gaming approval committee to monitor the further roll-out of vaccines. The expectation is as Covid cases decline and more residents receive the vaccine, current restrictions will be rescinded in the coming weeks and months.

Lastly, we are collaborating with the planning team of MG International — Atlantic City 2021 to continue to plan out all details regarding the expo, banquets, and meetings to assure a fun and safe event.

We look forward to seeing you at Harrah's Resort Atlantic City soon and welcome all feedback to further enhance your stay with us.

Gregg Klein -Sr. Vice President &GM
Josep Giunta - Vice President Operations
Steve Van Der Molen - VP Meeting Operations



On behalf ofMeet AC and Atlantic City’s hospitality community let me be the first to welcome you to our beautiful seaside destination. We are thrilled to host you in Atlantic City during MG International - Atlantic City 2021, the North American Council of MG Registers’ joint convention.

Under the direction of New Jersey Governor’s restart and recovery commission, Atlantic City has taken a responsible, multi-phased approach to reopen. Al lof our nine casino resorts, dining establishments,major attractions, and open-air shopping outlets are now open and have the proper screenings,social distancing guidelines, and mask mandates in place for a clean, safe and healthy environment.

The month of June is one of the best months to experience Atlantic City. With our world-class Boardwalk, pristine beaches, alfresco dining, and an abundance of outdoor activities, it’s the perfect location to plan your extended safe stay.

Our hospitality awaits your arrival.

Larry Sieg
President and CEO