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Vice Admiral Henry C. Giffin III USN (Retired)KCTRUST4clogox1

Norfolk, Virginia

Senior Vice President
Strikeforce Systems Integration

He retired after over 33 years as a naval officer in the rank of Vice Admiral.

Hank established himself as a strong proponent of introducing the latest technology and innovative work practices on U.S. Navy ships. As Commander of the 120 ships of the U.S. Navy Surface Forces, Atlantic, he led the Surface Navy into applying the technologies of the 21st century.

He chaired the CNO Executive Steering Council for Smart Ship, which led the installation and integration of smart ship technology in all ship types.

He also served as the Deputy to the Commander of the Atlantic Fleet, whose responsibility encompassed all Naval Facilities and Forces in the eastern half of the United States.

He commanded the Guided Missile Cruiser Thomas S. Gates (CG 51) during the Persian Gulf War, the destroyer Briscoe (DD977) during the Lebanon crisis, and the minesweeper Dominant (MSO 431) during Cuban refugee operations.

His shore tours included Naval Forces Vietnam as an Advisor;
The Bureau of Naval Personnel
CNO Surface Warfare Division (N3)
Executive Assistant to Deputy CNO, Navy Programming Planning Division (N8) and Allied Forces Southern Europe.

Hank has an in-depth knowledge of strategies, architectures, and technologies for future Navy ship development.

Hank's wife Stevie, was the director of the Navy Surface Forces Atlantic Scholarship Fund, which gave scholarships to the dependents of Sailors who served in the surface forces. She retired from over 20 years of teaching, and now focuses on being a grandmother and home maker.

Hank is on the Board of Directors for the USS WISCONSIN (BB 64). They oversee the ship and raise funds for the future maintenance and upkeep of the ship, homeported in downtown Norfolk.

Hank also serves on the Board for the Tidewater Association of Service Corporations, a non profit organization that organizes the Navy contractors in the area.

Hank has been nominated to be the President of the regional United Services Organization (USO) in this area.

Hank is also on the Board of the Surface Navy Association (SNA), and is on the Scholarship committee, which provides scholarships to families of SNA members, including wives.

Hank has played in, and has coached, the Navy lacrosse team in the Vail, Colorado annual masters tournament.

Hank found his first T-Series MG (TD) in a New Hampshire barn in 1972 after his return from Vietnam. He and Stevie attended their first of many GOFs at Newport, RI, Mk 15, in the fall of 1972. Since then they have enjoyed several TCs and TDs, a concours TA and a very original VA Tickford which remains in their collection.

He started Vintage Racing in the early 80's with a TD MkII at Bryar in New Hampshire, and he currently campaigns a TC, a '51 Cooper MG., a '51 Devlin MG and a Morgan. His daughter Ryan currently races an MGA powered Elva Courier.

Hank's Morgan has received the "Performance and Presentation" award for his race group at the Monterey Historics.