Chapter Coordinator

The NEMGTR Chapter Coordinator is responsible for keeping communications up to date between the Board of Directors and the Chapters of the New England MG T Register. This communication is done by email and snail mail for those chapters who do not currently have email capabilities. The applicant should have a general knowledge of the Register and be able to field general questions. Any question that the Coordinator cannot answer directly should be forwarded on to a Board member for an answer. The Coordinator is encouraged to send out regular emails of Register news items to keep the Chapters up to date.

The Coordinator is responsible for advising TSO and the website of any Chapter info changes that they receive. A once-a-year info update letter should be sent to all chapters to ensure that the printed and web chapter info is up to date.

The Coordinator is also responsible for receiving copies of all newsletters produced by the chapters each year. These newsletters should be organized by chapter and readied for shipment to the Natter location. The newsletters are voted on at each Natter to determine the best overall newsletter. The Coordinator is encouraged to bring the newsletter to the meeting.

The Coordinator is invited to attend the Natter General session meeting. This is Member Support position.


 If  you are interested in this position please email David Sander. Include your name, email address and Register number.