GOF Mk 104 Registration is in full swing . . .

Don't delay, sign up now. Please use the NEW registration form (found on the Schedule page) and not the one in TSO. You'll miss out on savings by using the TSO form.

GOF104LOGOIn order to celebrate the Register's 55th Anniversary, the registration fee has been changed to $55 for two (singles and more also get a break.)
We did find a couple of typos in the form and the corrections to those can be found on the schedule page in the GOF Mk 104 menu item. 
The GOF Mk 104 Team


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Every year we hold our business meeting and winter get together for members of the Register to be able to bring any concerns or issues -- both member and Chapter related -- to the General Meeting. In order to make sure that all issues are covered we ask that members send in their input prior to the meeting so the schedule can be set to provide time to address those issues. Please make sure all communications are sent prior to January 9th.



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