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nwmgtrLOGO Northwest M.G. T Register
Location: The Northwest MG 'T' Register was founded in 1971 by Art and Doralda Anderson of Tacoma. The Register is patterned after, and is a local chapter of, the New England MG 'T' Register which is national in scope.
The purpose of the Northwest MG 'T' Register is to encourage the maintenance, preservation and active use of vintage and T-series MGs built during the years 1923 through 1955.
Membership Info: There are currently 78 family groups - includes couples and singles who belong to the NWMGT Register. The chapter is located in Washington state, with the membership residing mostly in Western Washington. While most members have T series cars, we welcome associate memberships for those who do not own a T-series MG and want to join the fun.
Dues: Membership is available in several classifications. REGULAR MEMBERSHIPS are for owners of 'T' series and earlier MGs which are powered by the original engine (or replacement of the same type - XPAG or earlier). ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIPS are for those persons interested in the 'T' series or earlier MGs, as well as those persons owning such cars with non-standard engines. FAMILY MEMBERSHIPS in either of those two categories are $25.00 and entitle the members to two votes. SINGLE MEMBERSHIPS are $22.00 and allow one vote. INACTIVE MEMBERSHIPS are available to those members who wish to retain their car registration number but who are unable to participate. Their dues are $16.00, with no voting privilege. Additional cars are registered for a one-time charge of $2.00 per car.
Chapter Events: Chapter events include, Regular monthly meetings held October through April when Register business is conducted. These include pot-lucks, lunch and/or dinner meetings. From May through September the Register conducts tours, rallies, picnics - activities designed to further the enjoyment of the cars. It also holds it’s own weekend Mini-Gathering of the Faithful (Mini-GoF) and encourages participation in GoF-West, a gathering of clubs and registers on the West Coast.
Newsletter: Newsletter: Members receive "The eBonnet", a monthly emailed newsletter containing Register information and schedule of events. Other information such as technical and maintenance tips, history, and more "'T' talk" is available through the Members page on the web site. For members without internet access, information is mailed directly.
Chapter Contact: Dave & Liz DuBois         ddubois [AT] sinclair [DOT] net
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