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t-party_logo MG T-Party
Location: Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine
Membership Info:

Our earliest records show that a small group of people from Maine and New Hampshire started talks about forming a chapter in late 1975. The committee consisted of Frank Cangiano, Earle Vaughan and Phil Glaser. They formed  the board of the club with the intent of getting a club constitution formed and approved, selection of a club name etc.

This group met a few times over the next year with the club’s growth at a slow pace. There were events such as tours, picnics and rallyes, car shows, along with mini-GOF type weekend events to attend.

Through 1977 the club members attempted to correct the inactivity but to no avail. By 1978 the group tried again. The report of that meeting is presented below:

“The MG T-PARTY saw its [restart] beginnings in a gathering of nine enthusiasts on February 18, 1978 at the home of Frank and Anne Cangiano in Hillsboro, N.H. These people met to discuss the possibility of forming a new group for the New Hampshire area, since the Maine-New Hampshire Chapter had been dissolved by the Register for inactivity. (The demise of that group was largely due to the inability of members from such a huge geographical area to come together for "local" meetings.) A proposed Constitution was drawn up at this time.

Bron and Linda Prokuski hosted the next gathering, which attracted twenty-four MG die-hards to Amherst on a Friday night (March 10). Some organizational matters were discussed on the side, but the main purpose was just to get together and test the interest. We had a little tech session in which Hugh Giffin showed us how to transport a T-Series front suspension/steering into a kitchen without dripping grease on the floor. He also demonstrated, in addition to the repair how-to's, that it is fruitless to try to wipe grease off your hands with a wet shop rag.

Prior to the next gathering, which proved to be the actual organizational meeting, Bron mailed out some background material, including the proposed Constitution and an interesting questionnaire, along with an invitation to attend the meeting in Nashua at Ken and Jeanne Mayo's. April 15 came to be a fine day for such a gathering, with one TD and six TC's showing up. Two of the TC's were Toyotas-a Crown and a Corolla. (Actually, that was Judith's line, but she's likely forgotten it by now.) Jeanne set out some pretty good cookies to sustain us through the meeting, and we got down to the business of naming our group. After quite a few good laughs, we settled on MG "T" PARTY and moved on the election of officers (who I presume are listed elsewhere in this paper), and the new Chairman made his appointments. We had considerable discussion over the need for becoming a Chapter of the Register. Eventually, we decided that "chaptership" was in our best interest, since it provides us with another voice and with a special insurance which we don't have to pay for and which is otherwise unavailable to us. We ran through our planned events schedule as best we could at that point, and then more-or-less adjourned for dinner. We feel we have a strong group of avid enthusiasts, and thus far we have developed an active once-a-month event schedule.”

And so the T-Party was reborn. A charter was approved and submitted to the Register. Officers were elected and a name was picked. These enthusiasts hosted some diabolical rallyes, cookouts, and a host of other events. Mailings were sent to those T series owners in the area and the membership grew. It was not unusual to have 30 or more people show up at an event.

Throughout the 1980s the club continued to grow with new members being signed up using a “bounty” system. In those years there were scavenger hunts, lobster bakes, picnics and tech sessions for members to attend. By the time the 1990’s arrived, the club was an established Chapter of the Register and members enjoy the benefits of being affiliated with the national Register. Also in the 1990s we helped to host two GOFs held in Nashua, NH. When asked, the club members stepped up and helped out with all that is required to run a successful GOF. Chapter events included Halloween parties, Holiday parties, covered bridge tours, and trips to the top of Mount Washington...there is always something new to try.

So if you are interested in a unique experience — being part of a dynamic, friendly group of M.G. T series.

Dues are $25 per year

Chapter Events: Tours, Rallys, annual Tech Session, GOF participation, Holiday party and our Annual Lobster Bake to name just a few.
Newsletter: Our newsletter is named The T-Party Times. You can elect electronic or snail mail version. It can also be found online at our website.
Chapter Contact: Charles Dyer or info [AT] mgtparty [DOT] org
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