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GCMGR1in Green County MG Register
Location: Oklahoma
Membership Info: We are a fairly active Club with over 60 memberships and MGs ranging from 1949 MG TCs to 1980 MGBs.  We even have members that do not have MGs but desire to participate in our events with their classic sport cars.
Chapter Events:

We start each year with a planning meeting in January and end each year with a Holiday Party in December.  What we do in between varies each year.  The members discuss options and vote on whether to hold certain events at the planning meeting. We have Tech sessions, car drives, car shows and other activities.

Our annual dues are $15.00 ($20.00 if no email address) and our year runs from January to December.  Your money assists in emailing newsletters, snail mail for those without email, furnishing beverages and some of the food at the Tech Sessions and the Holiday Party.

Newsletter: The Motoring Gazzette
Chapter Contact: Chuck Hanson
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