Chapter Spotlight - The Ontario MG T Register

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Ontario The Ontario MG T Register
Location: Ontario, Canada
Membership Info: The “Ontario Register” (the first to become a chapter of the New England MG T Register Ltd.) was founded in 1969 by two MG T Series owners who met by chance at an unrelated auto event. Aware of their common interest, they launched our club. Membership and vehicle registrations in the Ontario club rapidly grew as other owners discovered the objectives and benefits of being associated. As with most special interest car clubs, membership can provide the opportunities to learn from others; to obtain technical assistance often required and freely shared; and to learn about suppliers who cater to our need for replacement parts and services that can no longer be obtained at your corner garage.
Chapter Events: Drives, tech session and other activities
Newsletter: Trillium News is a monthly publication of the Ontario MG T Register.
Chapter Contact: Bob Grunnau
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