Chapter Spotlight - Tidewater MG Classics

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Tidewater Tidewater MG Classics
Location: Southeastern Virginia
Membership Info:

The Tidewater MG Classics Car Club was formed by a group of MG enthusiasts in May of 1973 to promote and preserve the MG sports cars they cherished.  Originally organized as a "T" series club only, the club later opened membership to all models of MGs.  Some of the original founding members are still active members today, 40 years later.

Our club is located in the southeastern part of Virginia, commonly known as the "Tidewater" region.  Being located near Norfolk VA and the world's largest Naval Base, some of our members are active duty military or retired military and hail from all parts of the country.  We have from time to time members from the UK, Canada and other NATO countries, making us an international club.

Chapter Events:

Our meetings are held either the first Tuesday or Wednesday of the month and are
very informal and relaxed.  If you are going to be in the area, check the website
calendar or "The Latest" for the meeting date and a phone number for more info.
You don't need to own an MG to attend a meeting, just a desire to share in MG
fun and fellowship.

Newsletter: The Dipstick
Chapter Contact: Bob Stein, #5308
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