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  San Francisco Peninsula MG 'T' Register
Location: The first meeting was scheduled in August of 1973 at my home in Los Altos. We started the club with six charter members: Jim Bentley, Dick Ott and Warren and Pat Becker all driving MG TFs, Don Abramson driving an MG TD, Jim Fleming with a 1948 MG TC and myself and my wife Billie with 1946 and '49 TCs. Jim Bentley's car had a Volvo motor. An interesting sidelight: Jim Bentley and Dick Ott were both young resident plastic surgeons at Stanford.
The T Register's 30th Anniversary was held in August, 2003. Jim Carlson has
begun plans to organize a reunion gathering (open to all). Contact Jim for suggestions and to volunteer.
Membership Info:  
Chapter Events: Drives, tech session and other activities
Newsletter: The Octagon
Chapter Contact: George Steneberg - Corresponding Secretary
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