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Moss Motors

Started in 1948 by Al Moss, Moss Motors was originally an MG repair shop. Al had discovered that he and fellow enthusiasts needed a place for service and parts.
The company originally specialized in service, but a growing demand for spare parts led to an ever-greater emphasis on parts supply. The business was moved to Goleta, CA in 1961, and Al published his first MG parts catalog in 1962.

As enthusiasts embraced the British sports car movement, Moss Motors built catalogs for the MGA, MGB, Austin-Healey and Jaguar's XK120-140-150 series. Through out the years Moss has purchased many of the inventories of the leading UK car manufacturers in order to provide the British car hobbyist with long term access to spares for on going restorations. The Research and Development department is constantly working on new and innovative products to enhance the British car experience.

Moss Motors headquarters are located in Goleta, CA with an eastern showroom located in Petersburg, VA. Moss has recently updated their website to include all of their non-British products, forums, tech tips, email newsletters, online catalogs and much more.

If you haven't checked out Moss Motors in a while, now's the time to take a look.